In addition to providing expertise in diagnosis the department of Parasitology has been involved in research into several aspects of toxoplasmosis. Current research foci include utilizing epidemiologic techniques to study the incidence, prevalence, and risk factors associated with toxoplasmosis in susceptible human host populations. These studies are closely linked to laboratory research in order to study patient material at a molecular and cellular level.

Contribution to text books

Gunawardena S. (2012). Toxoplasmosis: The most extreme parasite. ISBN 978-955-54210-0-3.

Papers published in peer reviewed journals 

  1. S.Rajapakse, P. Weeratunge. C.Rodrigo, Silva, S.D. Fernando (2017).  Prophylaxis to human toxoplasmosis a systematic review. Pathogens and Global Health. DOI: 10.1080/20477724.2017.1370528.
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  4. Guneratne R, Mendis D, Bandara T, Fernando SD. Toxoplasma, Toxocara and Tuberculosis co-infection in a four year old child. BMC Pediatrics. 2011;11(1):44.

Published conference proceedings

Cooray NSAR, Samaranayake TN, Karunaweera ND. Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in immunocompromised cancer patients attending a tertiary care hospital. 125th   Anniversary International Medical Congress of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, 2-6th July, 2012. (Abstracted in Ceylon Medical Journal 2012, 57 (supple 1): 148)

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 Dr NSAR   Cooray

 MSc Molecular   Medicine              

 Prevalence of toxoplasmosis   in immunocompromised   cancer patients attending a   tertiary care hospital

 Prof. ND   Karunaweera

 Dr TN   Samaranayake

 Dental Surgeon,   Institute of Oral   Health,   Maharagama