The elective programme at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is administered by the International Unit, for students currently registered for a medical or allied health science degree in an overseas university or medical school.

All departments expect that the prospective elective student should possess basic knowledge and prior experience in the discipline in which he/she has applied to do an elective
Clinical departments offer electives for medical students who are in their 3rd year or above.
Pre and para clinical departments offer electives for all students.
Physiotherapy department offers electives for physiotherapy students.

When to apply:
Minimum processing time takes 2 – 3 months. Please ensure you apply 3 months prior to your intended elective date. Electives will not be conducted during the vacation period: last week of December, first week of January, second and third weeks of April.

Duration of elective:
• Maximum duration in one department
Clinical Medicine –4 weeks
Surgery – 8 weeks
Other departments – 6 weeks
• Minimum duration in one department  2 weeks (some departments 1 week)
• Maximum duration for entire elective  3 months


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