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Community Stream

The expectations of the public, their knowledge and easy access to information on health and illness, which have advanced with the developments in ICT, have to be taken into account in designing undergraduate medical curricula. It is no longer enough to treat illnesses when those afflicted seek care but also take a proactive and positive approach to promote health, prevent occurrence of risk factors and illnesses, maintain the best possible level of health, cure diseases as they occur and rehabilitate the disabled. The future doctors have to be able to carry out all these throughout the life cycle of a person. Hence, the ability to provide comprehensive health care is the basic skill expected of a graduating doctor.

The Community Stream teaching/learning activities and experiences in the MBBS Degree Programme are organized and implemented as 4 Stages from the first year onwards until the final year and achieve several faculty objectives. Participation of students is expected,  both individually and as gr

oups,  to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes in order that they may best meet the health needs of the individual and the community with competence, integrity, compassion and care.

Objectives of the Community Stream

The following objectives of the community stream are derived from the mission statement of the Faculty of Medicine and the educational objectives of the undergraduate medical education programme.  

  • To identify important illnesses in the community and other health related issues 
  • To plan and implement preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures at community level
  • To identify, implement and evaluate activities that promote health and well being of the individual, family and the community
  • To plan and carry out health related research projects
  • To develop leadership skills to be able to work as a leader/member in different settings
  • To develop, maintain and promote personal c haracteristics and attitudes for a career as a health professional


Stage Ia: Health: Concepts, determinants and promotion

Stage Ib: Community Attachment Programme

Stage II: Basic Statistics and Epidemiology

Stage III: Family attachment programme  and Research project

Stage 1V: Community perspective of patient care


Community Stream Assessments

CSA-Ia and CSA-Ib





Overall results of the Community Stream 

Performance in the Community Stream at the end of the undergraduate medical course will be based on the cumulative community stream mark. This mark is calculated by aggregating the marks obtained by students for CSA-I, the group assessment, CSA-II, CSA-III and CSA-IV. The apportioning of marks for each CSA and the group assessment are given in Table 1.
Those who obtain 50% or more for the Cumulative Community Stream mark will be considered to have passed the Community Stream.

To pass the community Stream a candidate should have obtained at least 50% of the total mark allocated to the Community stream at the end of the 4 examinations (i.e. CSA-1, CSA-2, CSA-3 and CSA-IV). A candidate is deemed referred in the community stream if the candidate fails to obtain a minimum pass mark of 50% of the total mark allocated to the Community Stream, at the end of the examinations. Such a candidate shall be deemed to have passed the Community Stream examinations when the candidate obtains the minimum pass mark of 50% at a subsequent End of Community Stream Examination.


Award of Classes in the Community Stream

Only the students who have passed the CSA-I, II, III and IV in their first attempts will be considered for award of classes in Community Stream. Award of classes in Community Stream will be based on the cumulative Community Stream mark, and will be as follows.

70% and above – First Class honours
Between 65% and below 70% - Second Class (Upper Division) honours
Between 60% and below 65% - Second Class (Lower Division) honours

Between 50% and below 60% - Pass

Community Stream contribution to the Cumulative MBBS Result

The Community Stream will contribute 15 marks (15%) when the total allocation for the Cumulative MBBS Result is taken as 100 marks.

Community Stream contribution to the Cumulative MBBS Result

A student who obtain 60% or above of the cumulative Community Stream mark in their first attempts in all the Community Stream assessments will be eligible to sit the distinction examination.
A distinction examination is a written assessment and consists of five essay type questions.
Distinction in Community medicine will be awarded to the candidate who obtain 70% or above when marks are totaled in the following manner.

  • 50% of the Community Stream cumulative mark
  • 50% of the Distinction examination marks

Vanderstraten Silver Medal for Hygiene

The Vanderstraten Silver Medal for Hygiene will be awarded to the candidate who obtains highest mark out of those eligible for a distinction in Community Medicine.