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Strive to be a centre of excellence of regional and international repute, building synergies between knowledge, education, skills, attitudes, communication, research and entrepreneurship”

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To be a centre of excellence in teaching and research, with commitment to producing human talents of high standards and social responsibility who are innovative with independent thinking and analytical skills contributing to national development




DR.G.A.W. Wickramasuriya,  who was the first chair professor in the Department of Gyneacology and Obstetrics and was involved with the setting of the Department in its initial stages. He has well known publications in the area of Malaria and pregnancy and Hypertension in pregnancy in particular reference to Eclampsia. He was ill soon after he was appointed as the chair professor.

During Sir Nicholas Attygalles’ time the Department was organized in functions of academic work and services. He was well known as an efficient administrator and subsequently became the Dean of the faculty of Medicine and the Vice Chancellor of university of Ceylon. He was a very prominent figure in the legislative council and in that capacity he said to be totally responsible for establishing the 2nd university of Sri Lanka, university of Peradeniya. The department at that time grew in its academic responsibilities and provided excellent clinical service through ward 39 in National Hospital of Sri Lanka and ward 15 in De Soysa Maternity Hospital

Prof.D.A.Ranasinghe continued with the work that was established by predecessors and the master of Gynaecology examination (MODS) which was a local post graduate exam was established during that time. The department now gradually established in its research activities which however mostly surveys related to pregnancy and its disorders in general and cardiac disease in particular.

Chair Professors of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Prof. H.R. Senenviratne

1992 – upto date

Prof.S.H.P. Nanayakkara



Prof. D.E.Gunethilake


F.R.C.O.G. (Gt. Brit.)



Prof. D.A.Ranasinghe


F.R.C.O.G. (Gt. Brit.)D.S.C.(Cey)


Sir Nicholas Attygalle


D.L.O.( London)F.R.C.S.(England)

F.R.C.O.G. (Gt. Brit.)D.S.C.(Cey)


Dr. G.A.W. Wickramasuriya




Prof.D.E.Gunathilakes’ main contribution to the department and Sri Lanka was the introduction of laparoscopy. He was the first chairman of the board of study in Obstetric and Gynaecology and the first M.S part 1 examination was organized under his chairmanship. He was a strict disciplinarian and this was evident on many occasions conducting the new postgraduate training and examinations in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. During this period the research that was done in the department is confined to surveys and electronic fetal monitoring was introduced at that time. Prof S.H.P Nanayakkara was reputed for his excellent radical gynaecological surgery and the post graduates and as well as the staff benefitted by developing their skills in this area under his leadership. 

Professor.H.R.Senevirathne became the Chair professor in 1992 and he initiated laboratory based research. He upgraded the general laboratory to handle tertiary care management of patients seeking care for reproductive health disorders. Many of its services are provided on a cost recovery basis and sufficient funds are generated to provide those needy patients with a free service. The laboratory also provides many undergraduate and postgraduate research students a place to do their bench work when working towards a PhD, Masters, Diploma or Doctor of Medicine by research. He established the Andrology laboratory and initiated Intra Uterine Insemination as a management option for the first time in Sri Lanka.

He was the pioneer in establishing subspecialities in Reproductive biology and Reproductive Medicine In Professorial Unit in the faculty. He has been actively involved in the changeover from the old curriculum to the problem oriented and student based new curriculum. He also establishd special clinics for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Heart diseases complicating pregnancy, Infertility and menopause management.

His main interest in research was on Hypertension in pregnancy. The other major research component he was involved with was the collaboration in the pioneering work by Professor Koge Rosen and the  team from the University of Gottenburg in Sweden. The project involved fetal surveillance using the new technology for obtaining and analyzing the fetal ECG wave form (STAN). Further research was performed by him along with Dr. M.C.V. de Silva of the Department of Pathology on the histo pathological features of the placenta, membranes and the decidua in spontaneous and artificial rupture of membranes. The other areas of research were on infertility, maternal deaths etc.