It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the website of the Department of Physiology. When you go through the website you will understand the contribution made by our department to the society and country as a whole.
While engage in teaching for medical, post graduate and para-medical students we provide services to other faculty members, students and to patients by conducting laboratory investigations such as Blood tests and Urine analysis, Lung functions tests, ECG, Acid loading test at a nominal fee.

Our Mission

To produce a graduate who understands the normal body functions, links pathological conditions to the derangement of normal physiology and applies this knowledge in the treatment of human diseases.
To contribute to research in basic and applied physiology in collaboration with other disciplines and institutions.
To provide a supportive environment for optimal teaching, learning, research and self development.

We are the pioneers in the development of a physiology museum and interactive CDs on physiology practicals which are well accepted by the students and visitors to the department. We also conducted the first International course on Laboratory Animal Science in the Asian region in collaboration with the Utrecht University, Netherlands in 2011 and the first Certificate Course on Medical Laboratory Technology in 2013.