Following researches are currently in progress,

1.       Serological response following anti-rabies immunization in a representative canine population in Sri Lanka

Prof Mangala Gunatilake, Dr Omala Wimalaratne, Dr A Balasuriya, Dr R M S Pimburage

2.       Colour Blindness among Medical Students in Sri Lanka: a Multi Centre Study

Dr Ganga M Jayasena, Dr Mangala Gunatilake, Dr Maduwanthi M Dissanayake, Dr Dilan Tharindu Edirisuriye

3.       Hypoglycaemic and antihyperglycaemic effect of Aporusa lindleyana (Kebella) leaves on rats

Ms B L C Samanmali,   Prof Mangala Gunatilake, Dr R D Guneratne          

4.       The relationship between body fat composition with cardiorespiratory and muscular endurances of BSc Physiotherapy students in Allied Health Sciences Unit, University of Colombo  

Ms N M Chandanayake, Prof Mangala Gunatilake, Mr Suranga Dissanayake

5.       Performance of national and international level sports personal and its association with physical, physiological, characteristics and nutritional aspects.

Ganegama Arachchi, PTRM Makuloluwa, S. Wasalathanthri , G. Medis

6.       Study of taste sensation in Sri Lankan population.

Wasalathnthri S, Hettiarachchi P

7.       A study to compare the effects of a new generic product of methimazole with a standard generic product of carbimazole on biochemical parameters in Graves’ hyperthyroidism-

Dr. ADA Fernando, Dr. P. Katulanda, Professor. Rohini Fernandopulle

8.       A study on diabetes mellitus and oral health.

Dr. A.D.A. Fernando, Dr. P. Palipane

9.       Effectiveness of a culturally appropriate nutrition and lifestyle modification counseling programme for reduction of cardiovascular risk in a tertiary care setting

10.   Assessment of body composition and the effect of nutrition education on micronutrient status of out of school adolescent girls through dietary modification.

Ms. M Dias-de Lanerolle, Dr. PA De Silva, Dr. Pulani Lanerolle, Prof Sunethra Atukorala,

11.   Body composition analysis, biochemical risk markers and its applications in identifying risk of body fat related co-morbidities and evaluation of nutritional behavior change intervention for risk reduction in Diabetes Mellitus in urban adult females in Sri Lanka.

Dr. PA De Silva, Dr. Pulani Lanerolle, Prof Sunethra Atukorala, Dr. Indu Waidyatilleke

12.   Nutritional practices among school volleyball players during competition

Dr. Prasanna Gamage, Dr. P. A de Silva

13.   The effect of serum Vitamin B12 levels and metformin treatment on the severity of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Dr Dilshani Dissanayake, Dr Piyusha Atapattu

14.   Early detection of statin induced peripheral neuropathy using clinical, biochemical and neurophysiological parameters

Dr Dilshani Dissanayake, Dr Dilan Tharindu, Dr Piyusha Atapattu

15.   Survey on the perceptions of senior medical students, immediate graduates and post-interns on the Pre Clinical- Basic Sciences Teaching Programme

Dr Piyusha Atapattu, Dr. K R Atukorala, Dr. V P Sinhabahu

16.   Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles on the vascular responses during pregnancy  

Dr A.K Vidanapathirana under supervision of Dr. CJ Wingard at the Department of Physiology, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, NC, USA (NIEHS Grant No. U19 ES 019525)

17.   Effects of C-grade Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes on Human aortic endothelial cells

Dr A.K Vidanapathirana  under supervision of Dr. JM. Brown at the Department of Pharmacology, Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, NC, USA (NIEHS Grant No. U19 ES 019525)