Laboratory Services

The department of physiology offers a range of laboratory services to university staff, students & patients, at a nominal fee. The department strives to provide a quality service to a maximum number of patients. A list of investigations currently available is stated below.


Test Cost (Rs.)
WBC / DC 40/=
ESR 100/=
Hb% 40/=
PCV 40/=
Bleeding time 30/=
Clotting time 30/=
Platelet count 35/=
UFR 30/=
Urine for Sugar 10/=
Urine for albumin 10/=
Acidification test 500/=
ECG 200/=
FBC 115/=
LFT 500/=
Blood grouping 60/=
Nerve Conduction Study
Carpel Tunnel Screening 2000/=
Other 3000/=
Electomyography 3000/=
Visual Evoke Potentials 3000/=

For further inquiries please contact:

Mrs. HPC Tissera
Mr. MAHP Kumarasiri
Mrs. AVNN Upekshani
Mr. UAH Udagedara
Miss.  AOK Waidyarathna


Phone: 0094 11 2695300 [Ext: 203]