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Medical Humanities

The Department of Medical Humanities of the Faculty of Medicine came into existence in August 2016. This Department is the first such department in the University system in Sri Lanka and is to be a pioneer in the field in the region.



The discipline of Humanities is wide and studies all forms of human experience. It explores how people process and document the human experience and includes philosophy, ethics, literature, religion, art, music, history and languages, and is used to understand and record our perceptions of the universe we live in. Knowledge of these experiences and their commonalties gives humans the opportunity to feel a sense of connection to the past as well as to our contemporaries.

We define Medical Humanities ashumanities in the pursuit of improving well-being and achieving goals in health professional education. It should therefore be integrated to the practice of all clinical disciplines. It draws on knowledge and creativity of several diverse disciplines (i.e. sociology, anthropology, communication sciences and history) including those listed earlier, and aims to improve well-being, and or achieve outcomes in education of health care workers.