Department of Clinical Medicine (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 136)

Full Blood Count  Urine – Bence Johne’s Protien Random Blood sugar  Blood Urea
W.B.C. / D.C Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) Urine Bilirubin  Liver Profile
Hb Urobilinogen OGTT  Liver Function Test
Platelets  Ketone Bodies Renal Profile  SGOT  (AST)
Retic count Urine Micro Albumin Creatinine Clearance  SGPT (ALT)
BT/ CT Lipid Profile 24 hours urine proteins  Serum Bilirubin
E.S.R. Serum Cholesterol Serum Creatinine  Alkaline Phosphatase
Urine Full Report  Serum Triglyceride Scrum Electrolytes  Acid Phosphatase
Urine full report and Dysmorphic Red Cells Sugar Profile Hb A1c  GGT
Urine Sugar/Urine Albumin Fasting Blood Sugar  CRP  Serum Proteins

Department of Microbioloby (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 155 / 094112697513)

Sputum, CSF, body fluids etc for Acid Fast Bacillus & TB Culture
Sputum, CSF, body fluids etc for PCR for TB
Urine, blood, pus, body fluids, stools, biopsy, swabs etc for Gram stain, culture & ABST
Samples for Fungal studies– smear & fungal culture

Department of Physiology (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 203)

ECG Test Full Blood Count Urine Acidification Test
Lung Function UFR Test  

Department of Pharmacology (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 196)

Serum Lithium Estimation - Private Patients Serum Creatinine Seminal Fluid Analysis
Serum Lithium Estimation - Hospital Patients ESR Serum Cholesterol
Serum Paracetamol  Serum Electrolytes Serum Protein
Full Blood count UFR Oral Glucose Tolerance test
Platelet Count Blood Glucose  

Human Genetics Unit (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 235)

Haematological Disorders
Genetic Thrombophilia Screening – MTHFR 677C>T; Prothrombin 20210G>A, and Factor 5 Leiden.
Hereditary Haemachromotosis – HFE C282Y and H63D mutations
JAK2 V617F mutation
Alpha Thalassaemia and Beta Thalassaemia mutation screening
Cytogenetic Testing
Chromosome culture and Karyotyping
Sex Determination
SRY gene detection
Neurological Disorders
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by Deletion/Duplication screening of the Dystrophin gene

Department of Community Medicine (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 142)

Fasting Blood Sugar Levels and Lipid Profiles
Lung Function Measurements using the Spirometer and Peak Flow Meter
Estimation of Haemoglobin levels  
Basic Occupational Health Investigations in work places on request

Department of Obs & Gyn (Contact 094112695300 Ext. 163)

T3  Prolactine 
T4  Testosterone 
TSH  CA 125